Web3privacy Now Fund Requests
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Web3Privacy Now Funding Requests


⌭ Introduction

In our dedication to enhancing privacy and security in the Web3 ecosystem, we showcase our projects and ideas seeking financial support to foster R&D on specific verticals:

⚛︎ Web3privacy Now Platform


Privacy Annual Report 2023

Privacy Checker Tool

Privacy Guides

Hackathon Curation Pack

We are looking for partners, not advertisers.

For more information about our Ecosystem please visit the About page on our website.

Our Work

Delivered - Retroactive Grants

  • The biggest privacy-centric database with 500+ projects and services delivering web3-privacy
  • Pagency framework for privacy-ideas generation for builders
  • 130-pages long market and diversity report
  • ZK-centric privacy-services database
  • Privacy market map
  • Zcash grant on privacy use-case research within the Ukrainian-Russian war
  • [Summit]"Ecosystem Launch"(https://prague.web3privacy.info/), Prague, 5 May 2023,
  • Summit #2 "Community 1st - Rome Takeover", Rome, 5 Oct 2023

Under Development

  • PrivacyBeats - Ranking system of all privacy-related projects in the Web3
  • Privacy Checker Tool
  • Updating general database with the market stats for future research: % of the token projects, % of the anon/public teams, product liveliness, privacy delivery (year-to-year comparison), ecosystem-to-ecosystem comparison
  • Web3Privacy Now Platform

⚛︎ Web3privacy Now Platform

"One ring to bring them all" → A comprehensive website to showcase our ecosystem to a wide audience, featuring an interactive and comprehensive collection of our activities and projects.

Its goal is to make the concept of privacy easily accessible, understandable, and actionable for everyone, fostering a deeper connection and engagement with our initiatives.

This project is currently supported by Ethereum Foundation.


  • Website: 80%
  • Data & Research: 90%
  • Privacy Beat: 65%
  • Privacy Guides: 20%


  • GitHub publishing: 30 days


1. Objective | create a privacy assessment playbook for non-techies.

Timing: 21 days


  • Analyse non-techies assessment (raw data behind 56 privacy projects) from the field interview
  • A model potential framework by applying different filters (time on assessment, complexity, web3 literacy grades)
  • Create a framework for the assessment & test on non-techies (50 people from managers to designers, web3 & non-web3, different cultures, genders, markets)
  • Update framework with interview data
  • Make an easy to understandable & actionable playbook (format: PDF) for non-techies (general overview, assessment framework for non-techies, assessment journey examples - 5 different projects)

2. Objective | create a privacy assessment playbook for techies.

Timing: 30 days


  • Receive 50 builders feedback (from juniors to CTOs) on a techies professional levelling assumption
  • Expand the technical proficiency model & apply it to initial feedback from privacy professionals
  • Prototype framework for privacy assessment for techies (tested model, well-written research methodology, links to the initial research)
  • Upload the model on GitHub in a Docusaurus wiki
  • Setup & launch the Discourse forum (share invites to the privacy professionals for collaboration)
  • Collect & review feedback publicly via the forum (validate model with the broader community)
  • Update both models (for non-techies & techies) + perform 1on1s via ETH Zurich & ETH Dam

3. Objective | Non-techies & techies models website deployment & community building

Timing: 30 days


  • Updating both models into explicit guides (wiki-based)
  • Visualisation of the user flows (examples & case studies)
  • Privacy project assessment card prototyping (for forum discussion, communal feedback, update & publishing as a benchmarks)
  • design + basic branding
  • copywriting
  • DB sync
  • CMS
  • QA
  • GitHub publishing


✵ Privacy Beats

Project Overview

In the digital age, privacy is not just a priority but a fundamental human right. Motivated by this belief, we are pioneering a ranking system that empowers the general public to discern the privacy levels of various Web3 services. Our approach includes the development of an innovative scoring system, incorporating both expert analysis and community input, to offer impartial resources for evaluating projects.

The aim is to assist users in making informed decisions about the services they choose to trust.


Ecosystem/Market fit - Why this is important now

Despite the foundational role that privacy is meant to play in shaping Web3, genuinely impactful initiatives remain scarce. Many projects leverage the concept of privacy as a buzzword or for public relations advantage, rather than addressing tangible issues or enacting substantial changes at the infrastructural and transactional level. That's why a ranking system of all privacy-related projects in the Web3 could help a lot the users to discern.

Screenshot 2023-01-28 at 16 26 46

About Scoring Mechanism:

Professional scoring would be a joint R&D with the key web3 people from protocol architects to security specialists. We are collecting feedbacks from privacy experts from the Ethereum Foundation, Railgun, Waku, NYM... while building on the experience of active members from both solar and lunarpunk communities. This will help to create an unbiased take from scratch & enabling a transparent working process, accessible to everyone via a forum.

In parallel to the top-down scorecard method, we'll develop and implement a bottom-up community scoring platform too (think of Metacritic exters + users scorings) -> at the end of the day it's the users who have to become the real watchdogs of the industry, signaling about flaws and shortcomings of solutions.

We interviewed 100 privacy players & gathered an MVP vision — we are running a series of 1-on-1 feedback loop sessions to make the scoring model community validated.


  • Data: 70%
  • Platform: 75%
  • Scoring Mechanism: 20%

Deliverables & Timings:

  • [31st Dec 2023] Scoring model v 1.0 + experts validation: functionality mapping (incl. UX/UI research), copywriting, basic brand design system, scoring model applicability to +150 privacy-preserving web3 projects

  • [3 to 5 months] Scoring model v 2.0 : advanced functionalities, scoring model applicability to +500 privacy-preserving web3 projects


  • Platform v1.0: 10k
  • Platform v2.0: 8k
  • Maintainance: 15k


⍚ Privacy Checker Tool

The "Privacy Checker" is an invaluable and pragmatic tool designed to empower individuals (general public) and organizations by equipping them with insights, information on privacy options and transparency. An effortless way to assess the feasibility of conducting anonymous transactions within the context of the current market conditions.

In an era where online privacy and security have become paramount concerns, the Privacy Checker emerges as a user-friendly resource, enabling users to make informed decisions. It simplifies a complex process, making it accessible to everyone, from the tech-savvy to those new to the world of cryptocurrencies and digital transactions.


The tool doesn't just cater to the needs of the seasoned blockchain enthusiasts but extends its utility to those seeking more privacy-conscious transactions in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape. With "Privacy Checker," users are empowered to navigate the intricate web of privacy measures efficiently, ensuring their data and assets remain secure.

Deliverables & Timings:

  • [30 Nov 2023] Non-tech Playbook release
  • [5 Jan 2024] Tech Playbook release
  • [Feb 2024] Scoring Model v1.0
  • [May 2024] Scoring Model v2.0


  • Tech Playbook: 8k
  • Scoring Model v1.0: 15k
  • Scoring Model v2.0: 25k


⎆ Privacy guides:

Extensive privacy guides covering broad audiences from Iranian human rights activists to Ukrainian people living on occupied territories.

Practical guides will match:

  • existing privacy solutions from Sismo to NYM with privacy-personas (NGOs, anon donors, activists).
  • non-tech people with accessible privacy solutions (with the focus on human rights & sensitive audiences)
  • tech-people with advanced privacy solutions & practices


⎆ Hackathon Curation Pack:

Hacker Manuals & Privacy Guidelines to help the builders to uderstand actual issues in the market.


⌬ Privacy Annual Report 2023

Project Overview

Following our Privacy Market Overview (Jan 2023) we intend to produce a comprehensive report to showcase all happenings and achievements of the year. This will consist in structuring the overall picture of the web3-privacy market and exploring hundreds of independent companies - and their connections - with the potential for unity and collaboration.

Ecosystem/Market fit - Why is it important now?

Navigating the complex and delicate realm of privacy is very challenging. Although the focus has recently been put back on this foundamental issue, there is a lack of comprehensive overview and there is still little collaboration in this regard. With regulators centralizing the market and surveillance on the rise, the need for privacy champions is clear, especially with actions against private crypto and platforms like Tornado Cash highlighting the risks. Rather than vying for the top tech and perk, we should work together to create a web that prioritizes our collective privacy.


  • Draft of 100+ pages
  • Final 100+ pages PDF with visuals and metrics


  • 5k


Group 3692(2)