Web3Privacy Now is a research project aimed at building a culture of privacy industry in web3: the most extensive database of privacy-enhancing solutions, the framework for PEDApps ideation, use-cases database & many more. Feel free to collaborate.
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web3privacy now - 550+ privacy projects empowering Web3

Web3privacy now is a research project aimed at building a culture of privacy industry in web3: the most extensive database of privacy-enhancing solutions, the framework for PEDApps ideation, use-cases database & many more. Feel free to collaborate. donate

Block Description
Manifesto Research project ideological foundation
2023 Roadmap Forthcoming activities that will empower humans & industry privacy-level
Pagency framework for private use-case ideation a tool to facilitate impactful privacy-enhancing ideas & raise privacy culture in web3
Privacy use-cases database ideas & references for privacy builders
Web3 Privacy Hiring find your next privacy work
ZK privacy-enhancing solutions database Unified database of the privacy-enhancing ZK solutions
Web3privacy now analytical platform Creating analytical service for privacy

alt text

⚠️ Note! Highlighted Privacy Enhanced Decentralised Applications (PEDApps) facilitate a different approach to privacy. Their solutions' maturity varies from conceptualisation to mainnet. So use them cautiously, especially when projects don't have a third-party security audit. That's why Web3Privacy Now is ongoing research: aggregation (we are here now) - audit - scoring.

25.11. (current approach to PEDApps aggregation): explicit focus on privacy + alive project.

Feel free to update the list!



alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team Docs Audit
Nata Router Nata Network Multichain Privacy Protocol built on Across, Stargate and Aztec ConnectZK (GitHub) live, june 2023 Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, zkSync, Base, Mantle, Avalanche, Fantom, Kava anon Docs Audits
Firn Protocol Firn is the first-ever zero-knowledge privacy platform in the account-based model, and introduces pluggable, flexible privacy to Ethereum-based chains. ZK (GitHub) live, june 2022 Ethereum anon Docs BlockSec
Shade Shade Protocol is an array of connected privacy-preserving DeFi applications built on Secret Network (GitHub) live, february 2023 Cosmos anon Docs RD, Certik
Silent protocol Silent Protocol is the first protocol enabling compliant full-stack privacy for smart contract assets and web3 applications at scale. - TBD Ethereum anon - -
Sienna Network Sienna is a privacy-first and cross-chain decentralized finance platform where you can privately swap, lend and convert your tokens into their private equivalent (GitHub) Q2 2023 Secret Network anon Docs Certik, Certik, Halborn, Certik, Halborn, Halborn, Halborn, Halborn, Halborn, Halborn
Elusiv Create blockchain privacy solutions that are built for everyday transactions — with the power of scalable ZK infrastructure on Solana ZK (GitHub) live, march 2023 Solana (Public) Docs -
Offshift Offshifts proprietary Shifting mechanism allows users to Shift between our native token, XFT, and a full palette of private synthetics (GitLab) live, march 2023 Ethereum (anon) - -
Bermuda Bay Bermuda Bay is a next-level decentralized privacy protocol on Gnosis Chain. The protocol supports secure shielded transactions for both individual users and multisig wallets. - testnet live 2023 Gnosis Chain anon Docs -
CAPE Configurable Asset Privacy for Ethereum (GitHub) testnet Ethereum anon Docs -
Evanesco A financial protocol platform that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework. (GitHub) live, december 2021 Eva anon - -
Dusk Is a permissionless, ZK-friendly L1 blockchain protocol focused on Compliance and Privacy to tokenize Real-World Assets natively on-chain. Regulated and Decentralized Finance. (GitHub) testnet Dusk (Public) - -
Manta Pay MantaPay is coming to Calamari as the first privacy payment solution in the Kusama ecosystem.ZK (GitHub) testnet v3 Polkadot anon Docs -
Webb an interoperable private bridge ZK (GitHub) beta Tangle anon Docs Audit of the DKG-Substrate pallet
Panther Protocol is a decentralized privacy metaprotocol enabling confidential, trusted transactions and interoperability with DeFi ZK (GitHub) testnet launch Q2 2023, mainnet launch Q3 2023 Ethereum, Elrond, Polkadot, Avalanche, Near, Flare (Public) Docs ZKP Vesting, ZKP Token
RAILGUN Private transfers and DeFi infra for Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Arbitrum.ZK - live, Jul 2021 Ethereum, BNB, Polygon (Public) Docs 5 audits
Umbra As a protocol, Umbra defines a simple set of standards, coupled with a singleton smart contract instance, to enable stealth addresses on Ethereum (GitHub) mainnet, june 2021 Ethereum anon - 3 audits
Light Shield private transactions for Solana. - mainnet-beta Solana anon Docs Code review
Horizon Decentralized Anonymous Payment Systems ZK - TBD - anon Docs Messier
Diva Free banking technology for everyone: everyone can join in, everyone can use DIVA.EXCHANGE (GitHub) TBD - (Public) Docs -
BasicSwap Private Cross-Chain DEX (GitHub) beta, December 2022 SMSG (anon) - -
Common Common will be a decentralized exchange that mitigates the Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) problem. - coming in 2023 Near, Ethereum, Solana, Kusama, Azero anon - -
Hurricane Protocol A fully decentralized protocol offering private transactions on both the Terra & NEAR (GitHub) TBD Terra, Near anon Docs -
BlackBox collection of tools allowing you send & receive SCRT anonymously (GitHub) TBD Secret Network anon - -
Hinkal an easy-to-integrate privacy SDK that helps users anonymize transactions. - mainnet Polygon (Public) - Competitive security
Conceal Network privacy-protected DeFi & encrypted comms (GitHub) live Conceal (anon) Docs -
Seven Seas No KYC, privacy Focused crypto Exchange - - - - - -
NonKYC NonKYC Exchange - - - - - -
zkUSD Privacy-Preserving Collateralized Lending & more (GitHub) - - - Docs -
Spiral Finance non-custodial privacy solution based on ZK-Sync ERA ZK - - - - (Docs) -
Fairy comprehensive DeFi platform for token swaps, lending, NFT trading, collateralization (GitHub) - - - Docs Certik
Shade Cash A decentralized protocol for private transactions on Fantom Opera (GitHub) - - - Docs -
xPrivate Swap directly from your wallet. Break the links between sender and recipient. Restore your privacy - - - - - -
0xAnon The privacy-focused DEX aggregator - - - - Docs -
Kalium Network Seamlessly integrated with Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and NEAR for enhanced privacy via ZK cryptography - - - - - -
Irrigation Protocol Unleashing Value by enabling users to redeploy locked-up capital and access cross-protocol debt/bond swaps with privacy, speed & compliance - - - - (Docs) -
Singularity, ex-Portal Gate a DeFi protocol that offers dark pool trading with an integrated compliance solution which has the potential to revolutionize the financial industry - - - - - -
Swapr a DeFi protocol that offers dark pool trading with an integrated compliance solution which has the potential to revolutionize the financial industry - - - - (GitHub) -
Unimix The world's most secure privacy transaction service - live multichain anon - -
illumineX Confidential multichain DEX gateway (GitHub) - - - (Docs) -
Dark Protocol Decentralised Private Money, Backed by Liquid Digital Assets. - - - - (Docs) -
Retik Finance Futuristic DeFi Debit Cards, Smart Crypto Payment Gateway, AI Powered Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending and Multi Chain Non Custodial Highly Secured DeFi Wallet - - - - - -
Tectum decentralised, wallet-less, instant, low-fee, anonymous, non-custodial Bitcoin layer 2 - - - - - -
ZEOS decentralised, wallet-less, instant, low-fee, anonymous, non-custodial Bitcoin layer 2 (GitHub) - - - - -
StealthEX Custody-free, cross-chain friendly #cryptocurrency exchange - - - - - -
Blend Protocol cutting-edge privacy application allowing anonymous swaps from over 50 different chains - - - - - -
Safudex first DEX/CEX private aggregator - - - - - -
incognitoswap non-KYC, anonymous, and multi-chain transactions - - - - - -
Horus Protocol The ZKP crypto payment layer on Ethereum, BASE, Arbitrum, OP, Polygon and zkSync. - - - - (Docs) -
Guiser Hassle Free Crypto Exchange - - - - (Docs) -
Lucrisma digital asset dashboard - - - - - -
Stealth Trade Trade with Enhanced Privacy and Security - - - - - -
Hydranet Layer3 orderbook + DEX - - - - (Docs) -
ZOOK DeFi ecosystem (GitHub) - - - (Docs) -
GRVT The next-gen hybrid derivatives exchange. - - - - (Docs) -
Phonon The next-gen hybrid derivatives exchange. - - - - (Docs) -
Shhwapit a fully compliant asset anonymizing tool. - - - - - -
Enclave Markets Fully Encrypted Exchange - - - - (Docs) -
RenegadeFi Dark Pool (GitHub) - - - (Docs) -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Zcash a digital currency - fast and confidential with low fees (GitHub) mainnet, October 2016 ZCash (Public)
Monero Private, decentralized cryptocurrency that keeps your finances confidential and secure (GitHub) mainnet, April 2014 Monero anon
Wownero Privacy-respecting memecoin, no pre-mine, no dev tax, software fork of Monero with fixed supply of 184 million coins (Gitea) mainnet, 1st April 2018 Wownero anon
Iron Fish The Privacy Platform for Web3 (GitHub) Mainnet, 20th April 2023 Iron Fish (Public)
MobileCoin MobileCoin makes global payments inexpensive, secure and fast (GitHub) live, December 2020 (mobilecoin) (Public)
GRin Electronic transactions for all. Without censorship or restrictions (GitHub) live, January 2019 Mimblewimble anon
Epic Cash Decentralized privacy-enhanced cryptocurrency developed by a growing volunteer community. - live, August 2019 MimbleWimble anon
Pirate Chain The most anonymous cryptocurrency, a truly private, decentralized blockchain. (GitHub) live Pirate anon
SILK Private Algorithmic Stable Coin (GitHub) - Secret Network TBD
BOB Protocol a multi-chain, multi-collateral stable token enhanced with optional privacy features (GitHub) live, beta Polygon, Optimism, BNB, Ethereum anon
Decred A blockchain-based cryptocurrency with a strong focus on community input, open governance, and sustainable funding for development (Docs) - Lighting Network (Public)
Firo A privacy preserving cryptocurrency and ecosystem (GitHub) live, beta Firo (Public)
PivX Experience the freedom of global digital cash with SHIELD User Data Protection. Be your own bank with full control of your digital assets (GitHub) mainnet Pivx (Public)
Beam Best in class privacy coin and confidential DeFi platform (GitHub) mainnet, 2019 Beam (Public)
Oxen a cryptocurrency powering a new class of interconnected privacy apps (GitHub) mainnet, 2018 0xen anon
Particl A modern digital currency that respects your rights (GitHub) mainnet, 2019 Particl (Public)
Zano a scalable and secure coin, with confidential assets support (GitHub) mainnet, May 2019 Zano (Public)
Navcoin An open-sourced digital currency offering fast and reliable payments with innovative technological and privacy features (GitHub) mainnet, 2014 Navcoin anon
ColossusXT A community-orientated, energy efficient coin with a strong focus on decentralization, privacy, and real-world implementation (GitHub) mainnet, 2017 ColossusXT (anon)
DeepOnion an anonymous cryptocurrency that is integrated with the Tor network (GitHub) mainnet, 2017 Deep0nion (anon)
Beldex a privacy currency based on Monero, Beldex currently offers incentive based Master Nodes and in future Beldex will be using POS instead of POW (GitHub) mainnet, 2021 Beldex (Public)
Ghost Proof of Stake privacy coin to help make you nothing but a "ghost" when transacting online (GitHub) mainnet, 2020 Ghost anon
BlackHat Coin Privacy focused decentralized cryptocurrency providing truly anonymous untraceable transactions based on PoS consensus and zk-SNARKs data protection protocol ZK (GitHub) mainnet, 2021 BlackHat anon
Basic Attention Token Making Crypto and DeFi accessible and useable for everyone (powered by Brave) - mainnet Solana (Public)
Discreet An instant finality ch-DAG, with a focus on compliance-grade financial privacy, programmability and private consensus. (GitHub) testnet, 2023 Discript (Private EUTXO) (Public)
Evolution A new level of your freedom. Anonymously. Secure. (GitHub) mainnet, 2020 Evolution (anon)
x-cash Web3s Private Public Computing Platform (GitHub) mainnet, 2018 xcash (Public)
Litecash the first fork of Beam. We removed the founder's reward and are 100% community funded. (GitHub) wallet live Mimblewimble anon
Zero private transactions (GitHub) live - anon
Hush private cryptocurrency using zero knowledge mathematics (Gitea) live - (Public)
Boltz Privacy first, account-free crypto exchange (GitHub live - -
COG a new private digital currency that leverages the power of Web3 and DeFi without compromising the privacy and security of its users. - - Polygon (Public)
eCash Simple. Instant. Secure. Experience the revolutionary new money powered by Avalanche (GitHub) - - anon
Zephyr protocol The Untraceable Stablecoin Protocol (GitHub) - - anon
Nevocoin open-source decentralized anonymous, untraceable and scalable digital currency (GitHub) - - anon
Nerva Private and secure cryptocurrency - - - anon
DragonX a Z2Z private by default crypto + messenging. - - - anon


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Token
DarkFi DarkFi is a new Layer 1 blockchain, designed with anonymity at the forefront. It offers flexible private primitives that can be wielded to create any kind of application GitHub testnet, february 2023 No
Manta Network On-Chain Privacy for Web 3, DeFi and more **ZK* GitHub testnet v3, january 2023 MANTA
NYM the infrastructure to prevent this data leakage by protecting every packets metadata at the network and application layers GitHub mainnet, february 2022 NYM
Secret Network Secret Network is the first blockchain with customizable privacy. You get to choose what you share, with whom, and how. This protects users, and empowers developers to build a better Web3 GitHub mainnet, 2020 SCRT
Mina The worlds lightest blockchain, powered by participants. Using zero knowledge technology, Mina is creating the infrastructure for the secure, democratic future we all deserve ZK GitHub mainnet, march 2021 MINA
Oasis Network a privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy GitHub mainnet, november 2020 ROSE
Penumbra a shielded, cross-chain network allowing anyone to securely transact, stake, swap, or marketmake without broadcasting their personal information to the world GitHub testnet No
NuCypher Cryptographic Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Applications GitHub mainnet, january 2023 NU
Anoma An intent-centric, privacy-preserving protocol for decentralized counterparty discovery, solving, and multi-chain atomic settlement GitHub testnet No
Espresso Systems Bring low-fees and better privacy to your Web3 applications with Espresso Systems' high-throughput EVM-compatible blockchain GitHub testnet, June 2022 No
Findora A decentralized, privacy-preserving smart contract platform. Build the next privacy dApp for any EVM-chain with the worlds leading zero-knowledge technology-explore all new possibilities GitHub mainnet, March 2021 FRA
Suterusu A suite of privacy-preserving services to obfuscate transactional and asset information GitHub testnet, January 2021 SUTER
HOPR a fully incentivized and decentralized privacy mixnet that enables private point-to-point data exchange GitHub testnet, 2021 HOPR
Concordium A compliance ready blockchain backed by science that enables private and public transactions GitHub mainnet, june 2021 CCD
Horizen The Zero-Knowledge Enabled Network of BlockchainsZK GitHub testnet ZEN
Parami para metaverse identity. As the next generation identity protocol based on the W3C decentralized identity standard, it is designed for metaverse and Web 3 users with self-sovereign and permissionless service. - testnet no
Mystiko.Network The Universal Web3 Zero-Knowledge Connectivity And Privacy Base Layer ZK GitHub testnet no
Nulink Privacy-preserving technology for decentralized applications GitHub testnet, October 2022 NLINK
RUBY The Decentralized Privacy-Centric Protocol for Web3 GitHub testnet, January 2023 RUBY
Raze Network a EVM-compatible Privacy Layer on Multichains GitHub mainnet, november 2021 RAZE
Privatixy an open-source protocol that offers a wide variety of solutions for privacy preservation for blockchain users. - TBD PRIVATIXY
Omnia Secure blockchain node infrastructure GitHub testnet coming in Q1 2023 OMNIA
Unova The ultimate Multi-Layered Web3 infrastructure for Supply Chain and Real-World Asset use cases. - mainnet, early 2022 UON
Light Protocol The Privacy Layer for Solana Docs mainnet LIGHT
Verida A multi-chain protocol for interoperable database storage and messaging built on decentralized identity GitHub live no
Partisia blockchain is built for trust, transparency, privacy, and speed of light finalization Docs mainnet, December 2021 MPC
Integritee the most scalable public blockchain solution for securely processing sensitive business or personal data GitHub mainnet, January 2022 TEER
XX network the first and only quantum-resistant and privacy-focused blockchain ecosystem GitLab mainnet XX
Fedimint An open source protocol to custody and transact bitcoin in a community context, built on a strong foundation of privacy GitHub mainnet, September 2022 no
Calamari network Manta Network's canary net, is the plug-and-play privacy-preservation parachain built to serve the Kusama world ZK GitHub testnet, mainnet coming in 2023 KMA
Auth3 Authentic Privacy Computing Network into Web 3.0 - TBD AUTH3
Aleo The World's First IDE for Zero-Knowledge Proofs ZK (GitHub testnet, mainnet coming in July 2023 no
Automata Network the privacy middleware layer building for a fair Web3. Its core suite of products include 1RPC, 2FA Guru, NFTFair, AnyDAO and XATA to address perennial issues of exploitation on the blockchain without compromising on security GitHub testnet ATA
iExec The Web3 Marketplace GitHub TBD RLC
Keep The privacy-focused infrastructure behind tBTCv2, the only truly decentralized solution for Bitcoin on Ethereum GitHub live KEEP
Dero A general purpose, private, and scalable decentralized application platform that allows developers to deploy powerful and unstoppable applications, while users retain total control over their assets with complete privacy Docs mainnet, February 2023 DERO
Haven Protocol the worlds only network of private stable assets GitHub live XHV
Utopia All-in-one kit for secure instant messaging, encrypted email, anonymous payments and private browsing. - live Crypton, Utopia USD
Scala an open-source cryptocurrency. Distributed wealth for all devices GitHub testnet, mainnet coming in 2023 XLA
Mysterium An open-source ecosystem of tools and infrastructure to liberate the web GitHub Decentralized VPN (2017), testnet (2018), mainnet (2021) MYST
Arcana Users care about Privacy and Security, set your app apart with the most developer friendly data storage and privacy platform. Docs mainnet, February 2023 XAR
Namada Interchain Privacy Specs testnet, January 2023 no
TomoChainP a privacy protocols developed on TomoChain and designed to create safe and untraceable transactions GitHub TBD TOMO
burstIQ Fuel your digital-first strategy with human health data. LifeGraph® takes the complexity out of managing sensitive human data freeing you to build trust through hyper-personalized health, work, and life digital experiences. - TBD BIQ
Lit Decentralized Cryptography for Access Control, Compute, and Encryption Docs TBD LIT
Onino A Public Blockchain Delivering Privacy, On-Chain Identity, and Scalability - TBD ONI
Masq Meet MASQ, the dMeshVPN, browser, dAppStore, protocol, and earning ecosystem that makes living in Web3 anonymous and private GitHub TBD no
Trocador App a privacy-focused exchange aggregator. Anonymous service, no Java, no registration, onion site and I2P available. - live no
Calimero network Secure private shard infrastructure lets you protect your data while leveraging all the business benefits of open-source blockchains GitHub TBD no
Orbis We make it easy to add social features to your application GitHub TBD OBT
ZeroNet Open, free and uncensorable websites, using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network GitHub - no
MACI Minimum Anti-Collusion Infrastructure (MACI) is a base layer for bribery-resistant, secure, and private digital voting. GitHub TBD no
Threshold A decentralized threshold cryptography network GitHub TBD T
Anytype the digital assets and communities you create are truly yours. GitHub TBD no
ZeroPool is fully private multi-blockchain solution. Low transaction fees, atomic swaps and common anonymity set. - mainnet beta no
Pollen Mobile The world's first decentralized, user owned and operated mobile network. Docs testnet PCN
LayerX A privacy-preserving blockchain on Substrate GitHub TBD no
The Farcaster Project a cross-chain atomic swap protocol and implementation who allows to exchange Bitcoin and Monero in a peer-to-peer manner with anyone running a Farcaster node. GitHub TBD no
Sunscreen makes advanced privacy technology easy for engineers to use. GitHub TBD no
Seneca the first layer 1 designed to build apps on rich, complex yet private data - testnet no
Hana Layer 0 for privacy, bringing security and confidentiality to all blockchains - - -
ParallelChain a public + private layer-1 blockchain protocol building an accountable, fair and solid backbone infrastructure for the digital economy. GitHub - Public
Mel a clean-slate L1 for a decentralized, secure, and private internet beyond blockchains. Docs "beta" mainnet Public
Vault1317 An Off-chain secure communication protocol with deniability via ZKP (Ring Signature) Github PoC no
1984 High quality web hosting and VPS service provider based in Iceland that respects and protects the civil and political rights of customers. Does not accept cryptocurency at this time. - live no
Incognet Privacy respecting ISP, hosting and VPS provider that can be accessed on I2P, TOR, and Yggdrasil - accepts various cryptocurrencies as payment. - live no
Njalla Anonymous domain name registrar and VPS provider based in Sweden, accepts various cryptocurrencies as payment. - live no
Comit Network COMIT is an open protocol facilitating trustless cross-blockchain applications, connecting all blockchains without adding yet another. Working on BTC-XMR atomic swaps as well as various libraries and clients. Github TBD no
Asterizm Plug and play blockchain interoperability solution for enterprises, web3 protocols and fintech with privacy at the core (GitHub) - -
Tonnel Network Zero-Knowledge Privacy Preserving DeFi protocol in Ton Network - - -
GotaBit an open-source and proof-of-stake blockchain that aims to provide a sandbox environment for the deployment of smart contracts (GitHub - -
Logion Substrate-based public blockchain operated by a decentralized network of legal officers (GitHub) - -
Mind Network decentralized zero trust data lake (GitHub) - -
Nomos Nomos is a novel blockchain project that will address a network state's fundamental need for adaptable privacy and sovereignty. (GitHub) - -
0 Knowledge Network a next-generation decentralized and incentivized metadata-private mixnet-based anonymous broadcast network with cryptographic security guarantees. (GitHub) - -
Swisstronik Layer 1 solution designed to build scalable dApps that ensure users' data protection and privacy, while remaining compliant (GitHub) - -
Meson.Network a suite of critical Web3 network infrastructure as well as the worlds first decentralized Bandwidth Exchange (GitHub) - -
AeroNyx DePIN Privacy Network to earn income using your computing resources (Docs) - -
Abelian post-quantum privacy-preserving Blockchain network (Docs) - -
Ampere Chain Experience the next generation of D-QBFT. Pioneering EVM, privacy nodes, & unmatched efficiency. (GitHub) - -
inDEX Cross-Chain Intent Infrastructure (GitHub) - -
Insider Protocol Cross-Chain Intent Infrastructure - - -
AIOZ Network Web3 Infrastructure for AI, Storage and Streaming. - - -
Elosys decentralized blockchain delivering truly anonymous, untraceable transactions. Built on PoW consensus and zkSNARKs (GitHub) - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Wasabi Open-source, non-custodial Bitcoin Wallet for desktop with built-in coinjoin GitHub live BTC anon
Samourai Open-source, non-custodial Bitcoin Wallet for Android with coinjoin and atomic swaps Docs live BTC anon
Sparrow Open-source, non-custodial, desktop-only Bitcoin wallet for those who value financial self sovereignty GitHub Docs live BTC anon
Electrum Open-source, non-custodial lightweight Bitcoin wallet for all platforms and trusted since 2011 GitHub Docs live BTC Public
Blockstream Green Open-source, non-custodial feature-rich Bitcoin and Liquid Network wallet GitHub Docs live BTC / Liquid anon
Mutiny Open-source, non-custodial Bitcoin and lightning wallet that runs in the browser GitHub live BTC / Lightning anon
Specter Desktop Open-source, non-custodial feature-rich Bitcoin wallet for hardware devices GitHub Docs live BTC Public
Specter-DIY Open-source DIY airgapped hardware wallet that uses QR codes for communication with host (Specter Desktop) GitHub Docs live BTC Public
SeedSigner Open-source low-cost air-gapped DIY Bitcoin Signing Device GitHub Docs live BTC anon
Krux Open-source signing device firmware for Bitcoin GitHub live BTC anon
Fedi Fedi, powered by Fedimint, allows anyone create Federated Chaumian ecash mints using Bitcoin GitHub 🚧 beta BTC / eCash Public
Cashu Free and open-source Chaumian ecash system built for Bitcoin. Cashu offers near-perfect privacy for users of custodial Bitcoin applications. GitHub live BTC / eCash anon
Feather Open-source, non-custodial Monero wallet for desktops GitHub Docs live XMR anon
MyMonero Open-source, non-custodial Monero wallet and libraries supporting the Monero light wallet interface GitHub live XMR anon
Moneroju Enterprise-grade Monero wallet - MPC-based, open-source, non-custodial Monero wallet for Android GitHub live XMR anon
RINO Open-sourced, non-custodial Monero multisig wallet for Android with 'pay to BTC address' feature GitHub live XMR anon
Anon/Nero .onion website Open-source, non-custodial Monero DIY airgapped signing device .onion git live XMR anon
Litewallet Open-source, non-custodial wallet backed by Litecoin Foundation that uses mimblewible (MWEB) GitHub Docs live LTC Public
Nighthawk Wallet Open-source, non-custodial privacy-focussed Zcash wallet GutHub live ZEC anon
UltraNote Infinity Wallet for UltraNote and XUNI (CryptoNote v2 token on BSC) GitHub live XUNI Public
YWallet Open-source privacy oriented wallet and messenger for Ycash and Zcash. GitHub live ZEC / YEC anon
Brume Wallet formerly Lunar Wallet Open-source privac-native Ethereum wallet based on a built-in integration of TOR GitHub live ETH Public
Terminal Wallet Open-source, non-custodial Command Line Interface wallet app featuring secure transactions & RAILGUN privacy across 0x and 0zk addresses GitHub Docs live ETH anon
Frame Open-source, non-custodial privacy focused Ethereum wallet for desktops GitHub Docs live ETH anon
Starshell Open-source, non-custodial, privacy-preserving Web3 wallet for the Secret Network and Cosmos ecosystem GitHub live not updated recently SCRT / ATOM anon
Leo Chrome extension wallet for the Aleo blockchain GutHub 🚧 beta ALEO anon
Treasure Chest Main full node wallet for the ARRR cryptocurrency GitHub live ARRR anon
Pulse Wallet Open-source, non-custodial PulseChain wallet GitHub Docs live HEX anon
Cake Wallet Open-source, non-custodial wallet for Monero, Bitcoin and Litecoin - pay for goods and gitcards with CakePay GitHub Docs live XMR / BTC / LTC anon
Elite Open-source, non-custodial multi-currency mobile wallet that respects your privacy GitHub live BTC / LTC / XMR / XHV anon
Railway Open-source, non-custodial private DeFi wallet Github Docs live ETH / BNB / MATIC anon
Beam browser-based web wallet for USDC, USDT, or ECO on Optimism or Base chains no open code 🚧 beta BASE / Optimism Public
Unstoppable multi-currency wallet is purposely built as a decentralized management tool for cryptocurrencies GitHub live multichain Public
Brave Wallet Non-custodial crypto wallet built directly into the Brave browser. Brave Wallet can be used to safely store your assets and connect to Web3 GitHub live multichain Public
BlockWallet Non-custodial, feature-rich browser Web3 wallet GitHub live multichain Public
ZenGo Custodial crypto wallet with no seed phrase using MPC to secure your private keys GitHub live multichain Public
Sons of Crypto Non-custodial multichain web3 wallet by degens for degens GitHub live multichain anon
Edge Non-custodial web3 wallet GitHub live multichain Public
Zeal The web3 wallet that defends your crypto and privacy GitHub Docs 🚧 beta multichain anon
Ninji Wallet for the Injective Ecosystem Docs live multichain anon
Sporran Browser extension that provides a gateway to the KILT blockchain identity protocol and Web3 services GitHub live KILT anon
Sphereon new breed of open standards, open-source, privacy-preserving applications, that gives you full and sole control over your own information GitHub 🚧 beta DID & Credentials Public

Computing network

alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Phala Network Privacy-Enhanced Permissionless Computing Protocol. (GitHub) testnet, 2020 Khala on Kusama (Public)
Aleph Zero Privacy-enhancing public blockchain with instant finality. (GitHub) mainnet Aleph (Public)
ARPA Threshold BLS network can serve as the infrastructure of verifiable random number generator (RNG), secure wallet, cross-chain bridge, decentralized custody etc. (GitHub) mainnet, Q2 2023 multichain anon
Phoenix blockchain infrastructure empowering intelligence web3 applications. (GitHub) testnet multichain anon
Privasea Using secure Multi-Party sharing we protect data ownership and privacy, and facilitate secure sharing between different parties so data still can be processed. - - multipurpose (Public)
Alaya Alaya is a business sandbox and testing field for the next-generation of financial infrastructure of PlatON. (GitHub) live, 2022 Ethereum anon
Nillion The Secure Processing Layer of Web3. (Docs) live multichain (Public)
ZkCloud Decentralized, Private Computing. - testnet Aleo (Public)
PlatOn Network Combining blockchain and privacy-preserving computation technologies, PlatON is building a decentralized and collaborative AI network and global brain to drive the democratization of AI for safe artificial general intelligence. (GitHub) live Alaya (Public)
Marlin Serverless backends for Web3: Access and process data verifiably using ZKPs and TEEs (GitHub) live Alaya -
Ethernity Cloud The Web3 decentralized confidential computing ecosystem (Docs) live Alaya -

Layer 2

alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Nata Router Nata Network Multichain Privacy Protocol built on Across, Stargate and Aztec Connect. Nata Network rollups and settles zkproofs on PolygonZK (GitHub) live, june 2023 Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, zkSync, Base, Mantle, Avalanche, Fantom, Kava anon
Polygon Nightfall A Privacy-Focused Rollup for Enterprises ZK (GitHub) mainnet, July 2022 Polygon (Public)
Obscuro Obscuro is a layer 2 solution for Ethereum that brings privacy and scale. It ensures the inputs, contract state and execution are always encrypted. No changes to dApps, just migrate and gain privacy (Docs) testnet Ethereum (Public)
ZKCHAOS ZKCHAOS is a layer2-based anonymous transaction protocol, and a fair game platform, which is built to enhance privacy for all kinds of cryptocurrency. GitHub - - -
StarkEX A Layer-2 scalability engine, live on Ethereum Mainnet ZK (GitHub) live Ethereum (Public)
Plebble P2P Network of computers running the Plebble software (L1 & L2) (GitHub) TBD TBD anon
Tusima Privacy Financial Infrastructure For Blockchain (Docs) - - -
OLA ZK-ZKVM Bringing Programmable Privacy to Blockchains (GitHub - - -
Polybase a public L2 blockchain with private transactions and MEV-resistance powered by zero-knowledge proofs (Docs - - -
TrueZK Post-Quantum ZK Rollup as a service x private DIDs (Docs) - - -
Alpine a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem that combine cutting-edge technology with privacy (GitHub) - - -
EtherChat First Layer-2 For Decentralized Chat (GitHub) - - -
Kinto L2 focused on providing safe access to financial services. (GitHub) - - -
Coti Privacy-Focused Ethereum Layer-2 (GitHub) - - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Deeper Network Web 3.0 infrastructure of the users, by the users, for the users. (Docs) live, 2019 - anon
Motherbored #dVPN hardware (node + SM card) (GitHub) live Solana anon
RoninDojo Tanto Fully validating Bitcoin full node. Served over a Tor hidden service. (Docs) live Bitcoin anon
DappNode Easy to use hardware and software solution for running Ethereum and other kind of nodes, staking, IPFS, etc. (GitHub) live multichain (Public)
Avado A plug-and-play hardware device that connects users to many different kinds of blockchains. Their node-running software makes it easy and efficient for users to help power multiple networks at once, and earn crypto in the process (GitHub) live multichain (Public)
Foundation The new standard for Bitcoin self custody. Introducing Passport hardware wallet and Envoy mobile app (GitHub) live Bitcoin (Public)
Privacy Infrastructure Solutions Cloud and data center acceleration solution for Privacy Enhancing Technologies. (Docs) live multichain (Public)
AXIAtel a privacy first mobile service for everyone - live multichain anon
RawBox privacy-focused FOSS self-sovereign router - - Nym public


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Token Team
Boring Protocol A Decentralized VPN on Solana (Github live Solana (yes) anon
Mysterium VPN A global, distributed network powered by everyday people. Network participants are incentivised to share their resources in a supply and demand marketplace, helping others gain access to the open internet (GitHub) live multichain (yes) (Public)
Orchid Orchid is a platform that enables an onion routing network incentivized by OXT and a multi-hop VPN client (GitHub) live multichain (yes) (Public)
MEILE A decentralized VPN Client utilizing the Sentinel Blockchain (GitHub) live multichain no, but use (dVPN) anon
KelVPN The first ever deanon-proof VPN is now available. It keeps your data safe by tunnelling it between the blockchain nodes and encrypting it with variable quantum-safe encryption. (Docs) live multichain (yes) anon
Lokinet a VPN tunnel that uses onion routing as the transport (GitHub) live multichain no anon
Sentinel A global network of autonomous dVPN applications that enable private and censorship resistant internet access (GitHub) live Cosmos (yes) anon
IVPN IVPN keeps no logs and no customer accounts, is an open source VPN provider using WireGuard or OpenVPN. Can pay for VPN connection with BTC, BTC lightning or XMR and can get 'subscriptions' that last 1 week/month/year or more (GitHub) live no chain no (Public)
Mullvad VPN One of the most privacy-focused VPN providers (check thier Privacy Policy and history). Mullvad VPN could be paid by by Bitcoin Lightning here - totally anonymous. (GitHub). Also co-authered Mullvad Browser with Tor Project team. live no chain no (Public)
ProtonVPN Swiss VPN provider with encrypted email and online storage (GitHub) live no chain no (Public)
Solar labs Worlds first truly decentralized blockchain-based VPN service. - - - -
Obscura The first VPN that cant track your activity. - - - -
DeGuardVPN VPN for web3 & DeFi community (GitHub) - - -
Nym VPN decentralized VPN powered by the mixnet (GitHub) Cosmos - public


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Token Team
KILT A blockchain identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers (GitHub) live multichain (yes) (Public)
MBuddy Web 3.0+ identity infrastructure (Docs) under development multichain (yes) anon
Web3ID Privacy-preserving user verification for Web3 (GitHub) live multichain (yes) (Public)
Anonybit Anonybits revolutionary, patented solution offers a decentralized framework that strengthens compliance, protects identity, and secures personal assets (focus on biometrics) - PoC multichain no (Public)
Polygon ID Polygon ID is a blockchain-native identity system with programmable privacy that empowers people and enables the creation of trusted interactions with web3 services ZK (GitHub) live Polygon no (Public)
Dmail Network Construct DID in Web3.0, Not Just an Email. (GitHub) live multichain no anon
Litentry A decentralized identity aggregator, providing the structure and tools to empower you and your identity (GitHub) beta multichain (yes) (Public)
VerusID VerusID is for self-sovereign individuals, and conscious organizations that value their data (GitHub) live multichain (yes) (Public)
Findora zkDID zkDID is a Decentralized Identity and Credential Management System (GitHub) Docs live multichain (yes) (Public)
Iden3 The open-source protocol at the basis of Polygon ID. The protocol defines on a low-level how the parties listed above communicate and interact with each. Polygon ID is an abstraction layer to enable developers to build applications leveraging the Iden3 protocol (GitHub) live Ethereum no anon
Holonym Your ZK Passport for Web3. A holistic identity that lets you prove facts about yourself without revealing who you are ZK (GitHub) - - - -
zCloak Privacy-first DID and verifiable computation infrastructure ZK (GitHub) - - - -
BrightID A social identity network that allows you to prove that youre only using one account. Its the holy grail of digital identity (GitHub) - - - -
ONT ID Bringing trustless identity to Web3 manage your data with ONT ID (GitHub) - - - -
Interep Anti-sybil as a service (GitHub) - - - -
Universal Reputation a private and non-repudiable reputation system (GitHub) - - - -
Zero Knowledge Verifiable Credential Sketching out verifiable credential selective disclosure presentation on Mina with snarky.js - - - - -
Cerebrum Ensure everyone in your organization is credentialed and compliant with Cerebrum's verifiable data technology and vID ecosystem (GitHub) - - - -
Spruce the open-source stack to leave control of identity and data where it should be: with users. (GitHub) - - - -
Hypersign the ultimate stack for identity management (GitHub) - - - -
Fractal ID We help web3 platforms and ecosystems ensure data and regulatory compliance by enabling selective disclosure of verified user data to KYC/AML status (GitHub) - - - -
Next.ID An open-sourced protocol that synergises your Web2 and Web3 profiles. (GitHub) - - - -
Slashags Slashtags gives developers tools to build secure and scalable peer-to-peer applications that put users in control of their profiles, contacts, accounts, and data. (GitHub) - - - -
AesirX WEB3 ID an advanced identity management solution that protects users personal data and ensures privacy on the internet. (GitHub) - - - -
Quadrata Establish Trust and Identification via Sybil resistant DIDs and KYC/AML natively on-chain - - - - -
SEER sdid Building your own community identity like a brand - - - -
Valid.id Build the root of trust for your entity in a way that is both cryptographic and legally binding. - - - - -
zkPass Protocol for Private Data based on MPC, ZKP, 3P-TLS (GitHub - - - -
Anagolay Web3 Framework for Original Creators to claim and verify ownership of online identities and multimedia content and license creative works P2P (GitHub - - -
DAuth Network a decentralized authentication network empowering wallets and dApps to create authentication with a focus on privacy (GitHub) - - -
Icebreaker zero knowledge x self-sovereign identity - - - -
Gitcoin Passport Take control of your identity. By collecting “stamps” of validation for your identity and online reputation, you can gain access to the most trustworthy web3 experiences and maximize your ability to benefit from platforms like Gitcoin Grants. Github - - -
Internet Identity authentication framework that enables users to sign into dapps using passkeys (fingerprint, FaceID). Also, sets new authentication keys for each domain to protects users from being tracked across domains. (GitHub live multichain -
zkMe Identity Oracles that leverage the power of zero-knowledge-proofs to enable secure, self-sovereign and private credential verifications. (GitHub) - - -
WIW Build, Aggregate, Own Your Decentralized Identity & Reputation (GitHub) - - -
Anon Aadhaar Anon Aadhaar circuit lets citizens with an Aadhaar card generate zero-knowledge identity proof. (GitHub) - - -
Anrk Verify Provide Blockchains With Readymade User ID Solution (GitHub) - - -
Neonyx DID + Flexible social platform (GitHub) - - -
Fame transform into an AI-powered influencer (GitHub) - - -
CARV credential infra focused on gaming, enabling players with achievement display, semantic social, and access to gaming premiums. (Docs) - - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
AnyDAO Vote aggregation across different blockchain networks with adjustable privacy settings which controls the visibility of the voting Docs - - -
HeyAnon Allows noun-holders to give feedback on proposals while maintaining their privacy using zero-knowledge proofs ZK - - - -
LunarDAO DAO fostering R&D and investments within Lunarpunk movement GitHub - - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Nata Router Nata Network Multichain Privacy Protocol built on Across, Stargate and Aztec Connect. Bridge ETH, DAI, USDC, USDT between 10+ EVM chains.ZK (GitHub) live, june 2023 Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, zkSync, Base, Mantle, Avalanche, Fantom, Kava anon
Shinobi Privacy Solution for Bitcoin Using the Secret Network (GitHub) - - -
Aztec Connect The Aztec Connect SDK allows any Ethereum protocol to be integrated in Aztecs private rollup with a simple Solidity interface and front-end SDK (GitHub) - - -
ChainPort Private Bridge Full control and security for your token manage supported chains, path, amounts, and own the keys (GitHub) - - -
Blockbend Anonymous cross-chain transactions, farming, prepaid crypto card, escrow service. - - - -
Secret Bridge bridge to the Secret Network - - - -
Shade bridge an interface that allows you to seamlessly bridge assets between different blockchains using the power of IBC. (Docs) - - -
Rialto bridge Transfer Assets from Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain to Findora Blockchain (Docs) - - -
0xTIP Private bridge from Ethereum to BNB chain, tip bot, and mixer mixer built by 0xMonero. (0xMonero) 0xMonero is a multi-contract, multi-chain, privacy focused project. GitHub -
Carrier A powerful token and NFT bridge for Web3 natives (Docs) - - -
Polyhedra Network Infrastructure for Web3 Interoperability - - - -
BlockBlend anonymous cross-chain decentralized services. Stake, farm, blend and send GitHub - - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Waku Waku is the communication layer for Web3. Decentralized communication that scales (GitHub) - - -
Status Status is a secure messaging app, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser built with state of the art technology (GitHub) - - -
xx messenger An ultra-private messaging app, powered by the quantum-resistant and decentralized xx network (GitHub) - - -
ALTER Private & Secure Communication App Utilizing Secret Nework's secret contract technology - formerly known as Altermail. GitHub live multichain known (LinkedIn)
Session An end-to-end encrypted messenger that minimises sensitive metadata, designed and built for people who want absolute privacy and freedom from any form of surveillance. GitHub Live Cryptonote Public
BCchat A decentralized, privacy messenger built over the Beldex blockchain. - - - -
XMTP x Lens Lens Protocol has adopted XMTP to provide a secure and private direct messaging layer for the entire Lens ecosystem (XMTP GitHub mainnet - -
XMTP web3 social Lens Protocol and CyberConnect apps use XMTP to provide secure, private messaging to their users. XMPT Labs Github mainnet -
Senging.me open-source communication & social platform. - - - -
Zion The safest way to join, chat and send (GitHub) - - -
RLN Anonymous Chat A spam resistant instant messaging application for private and anonymous communication. - - - -
Beepo a social networking application integrated with a multichain chain crypto wallet, a web 3 browser, instant messaging and calling, an eCommerce store, and a sales catalog section for business accounts (GitHub) live multichain -
Pastenym Anon text sharing service (GitHub) - - -
Onionclub Blockchain based, business & social platform. - - - -
Speakeasy Speak easily to a group of friends or a global community. Talk about what you want. Surveillance free. Censorship proof. Code alpha xx network -
Speak app No phone number. No email address. Speakapp is a simple, and secure web3 messenger. - - - -
Pigeon Communicator Blockchain based, trustless, censorship resistant decentralized messaging. - - - -
HushChat private messenger using zero knowledge mathematics. - - - -
Relayz Hyper-secure, private communications protocol for Web3 - - - -
Mejhool a Decentralized web and mobile app with peer-to-peer text messaging, decentralized file transfer and voice-over-IP service. - - - -
Jami Jami is a free/libre, end-to-end encrypted, and private communication platform. Gitlab - - -
lurch1317 The omemo variant based on vault1317 which is an off-chain secure communication protocol with deniability under federated XMPP network with ZK Github - - -
Adamant Decentralized anonymous blockchain Messenger & crypto Wallet (GitHub) - - -
DeChat an open, secure web3 communications protocol that powers decentralized user interactions (GitBook) - - -
4thPillar Project Community-build dMail & dChat (GitHub) - - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Puma browser Puma is a mobile browser and wallet for the Web3 ecosystem. Private by design. - - - -
Brave Browse privately. Search privately. And ditch Big Tech (GitHub) live no chain (Public)
Opera Crypto Browser Experience the Web3 browser for crypto users. Get crypto-oriented security enhancements, manage multiple crypto wallets simultaneously, and access Discord, Telegram and more directly from the sidebar. - - - -
Decentr Creating a bridge between internet users and applications developed with distributed ledger technology, an open source platform, which enables you to manage and pay with your Personal Data Value (GitHub) - - -
Carbon Browser Join over 5M+ Users. The Fastest Web 3 Browser. AdBlock + 100% Privacy (GitHub) - - -
Status Web3 Browser Access the latest defi dapps, exchanges, marketplaces, games and more with the Web3 Browser. - - - -
Mullvad Browser The Mullvad Browser is a privacy-focused web browser developed in a collaboration between Mullvad VPN and the Tor Project. Github - - -
Fulldive web3 browser that respects your privacy - - - -
Broearn web3 browser that respects your privacy - - - -
Solak Broswer with in-app AI - - - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Notebook labs Zero-Knowledge Cryptography for anonymous KYC and soul-bound credentials. ZK (Docs - - -
KYC not me With KYCNOT.ME I want to make it easier for people to find trustworthy ways to buy, exchange, trade and use cryptos without needing to identify themselves, and preserving the decentralized and self-governed essence of Cryptocurrencies. (GitLab) live multichain anon
socialKYC your decentralized social credentials (GitHub) - - -
Hashbon Pass Tokenized All Web3 Pass to KYC while being anonymous. - - - -
OutDID Your Zero-Knowledge, Decentralized KYC filter of Blockchain users. - - - -
Holonym ZK-identity protocol for anonymous KYC, sybil resistance, and compliance. ZK GitHub) - - -
Know Your Coin Privacy KYCP is a Bitcoin privacy explorer which lets you Know Your Coin Privacy. Based on OXT datas. Github - - -
Synaps identity verification solutions from Personhood validation to regulated KYC / AML and KYB processes Github - - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
1RPC The first and only on-chain attested privacy preserving RPC, with a track record of protecting 10 billion requests with 200,000 daily active users. (Docs + (GitHub) live multichain -
Secure RPC SecureRpc is a bare-metal, fully conformant JSON-RPC/gRPC Infrastructure plane that aims to perform well. - - - -
DERP DERP is an RPC endpoint you can add to your wallet to visualize data leaked by your wallet in communication with the blockchain (GitHub) - - -
RPCh RPCh is a privacy-preserving RPC service for wallets that detaches the users identity from all communication with the blockchain (GitHub) - - -
Ethereum Portal Network Decentralized P2P overlay network on top of Ethereum devp2p for serving RPC requests. - - - -
Spook Mixing service using the Nym network to anonymize Ethereum RPC calls. - - - -
Zoci private RPC services (GitHub) - - -
VeilRPC High-performing private RPC node (Docs) - - -


Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Skiff Drive Secure file storage (GitHub) - - -
SkyNet Skynet is an open protocol for hosting data and web applications on the decentralized web using Sia (GitHub) - - -
VUP Private and decentralized cloud storage (GitHub) - - -
Sia Decentralized data storage (GitHub) - - -
vult Your private cloud - - - -
Züs a high performance storage network powering limitless applications. Its a new way to earn a passive income from storage (GitHub) - - -
SerenityShield The Leading Sensitive Data Storage Solution on Blockchain. Security, Privacy and Digital Rights for Everyone - - - -
TransferChain Enables users to store, process and share their data while ensuring its privacy and security (GitHub) - - -
Swarm a decentralised data storage and distribution technology. Ready to power the next generation of censorship-resistant, unstoppable, serverless dapps (GitHub) - - -
DJIB DJIB is the next generation Web3 storage (GitHub) - - -
Crust Web3.0 Storage for the Metaverse (GitHub) - - -
Fileverse On-chain people and communities deserve on-chain tools for private communication and collaboration. (GitHub) - - -
Storj massive, globally distributed network for data storage with better security, privacy and durability with CDN-like performance. Anyone is able to host a Storj node and stake their token to strengthen the network. Has a paid subsciption model for storage. Github - - -
Synx The Web3 storage platform - - - -
Oort a decentralized data cloud platform designed to maximize privacy and cost savings by integrating global compute and storage resources.  - - - -
Chainback Cloud Computing & File Sharing - - - -
DeNet storage Auto video & photo backup (GitHub) - - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Skiff Web3 email, drive, and docs (GitHub live - known
2FA Guru a simple solution to interact with DApps by enforcing an additional signature check before each transaction (GitHub) - - -
Skiff Pages Private, End-to-End Encrypted Notes (GitHub) - - -
Mask Mask Network brings privacy and benefits from Web3 to social media like Facebook & Twitter - with an open-sourced browser extension (GitHub) - - -
ZkMaps Protecting users location with ZK proofs (GitHub) - - -
Telios Secure Communication with Encrypted Data and Email (GitHub) - - -
Plugin.io Privacy focussed, ad free social media & digital marketplace. - - - -
Krebit open identity verification protocol for Web3 Verifiable Credentials (GitHub) - - -
FYEO Identity Decentralized password management. Real-time identity monitoring. - - - -
LiquidFactory unlocks liquidity to DeFi, GameFi & NFTs. - - - -
CheqD a secure network that enables individuals and organisations to fully control their personal data. It allows self-sovereign identity (SSI) companies to build and deliver secure solutions to you (GitHub) - - -
SPKZ the first fully decentralized web3 community/chat platform. - - - -
TLSNotary Proof of data authenticity (GitHub) - - -
Damus Nostr client for the social network you control. - - - -
Weve Weve is the first mail network with an immutable privacy policy. It can never sell your data, read your mail, or be taken down. GitHub live Arweave known
Stealthdrop Anonymous Airdrops using ZK-SNARKS ZK (GitHub) - - -
Bringing Privacy to ENS ChainSafes Proposed Integration Using Aztec Network (GitHub) - - -
Zerochain Zerochain is a generic, privacy-protecting layer on top of Substrate. - - - -
Silent Data Verify web2 Data in web3 Applications. - - - -
WireMin a decentralised social network. - - - -
Bermuda next-gen private utility dApp for sending legal, anonymous transactions of multiple ERC-20 tokens. - - - -
Privacy Pools allow you to generate a brand new Ethereum address that is completely unlinkable to any prior transaction history. But our privacy-preserving technology does much more than that. (GitHub) - - -
Sociogram Web3Social Media focused on privacy. - - - -
Blockyfile The new way to upload files anonymously and without censorship. - - - -
AsMatch the only Web3 matching app that uses ZKPs to authenticate users on-chain credentials - - - -
Juno Analytics simple, performant, and open-source web3 analytics solution designed with privacy in mind for the developers building decentralized dapps (Docs) - - -
Buildoor Privacy Focused Analytics - - - -
Sigle secured and open-source writing platform for web3content creators, NFT projects, crypto analysts (GitHub) - - -
FLock.io A native Web3 Data Privacy solution for Artificial Intelligence. (GitHub) - - -
Timpi Decentralized Search Engine & Index - - - -
Sirius Sync Web3 Social Ecosystem - - - -
FreeChat Web3 Social - - - -
POMP comprehensive DeFi platform for token swaps, lending, NFT trading, collateralization - - - -
MapMetrics a drive-to-earn crypto navigation app utilizing web3 technology to improve your travel while protecting your privacy. - - - -
Profila Build personal relationships with Brands by sharing content with your sentiment - - - -
Onvote Anonymous, gasless & modular voting for web3 - - - -
Rehide Private, zero-knowledge password manager and vault (Docs) - - -
ZkLocus Private Geolocation Off & On-Chain (GitHub) - - -
ENCOINS Privacy protocol on Cardano (GitHub) - - -
Eppie Privacy protocol on Cardano - - - -
ETH.LIMO a privacy-preserving ENS gateway, enabling users to access Ethereum-native dApps and content (GitHub) - - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Graphene OS The private and secure mobile operating system with Android app compatibility (GitHub) - - -
CalyxOS Android mobile operating system that puts privacy and security into the hands of everyday users. (GitLab) - - -
DivestOS a fork of LineageOS with monthly updates, automated CVE patchings, system WebView and more. Github - - -
iodéOS fork of LineageOS with a Trust interface will help you understand the security of your device and warn incoming threats. Recent releasesed, still in beta. Gitlab - - -
Whonix Whonix is software designed to preserve privacy and anonymity by helping users run applications anonymously. Whonix™ can be installed on Windows, macOS, Linux and Qubes. (GitHub) - - -
Qubes OS Qubes OS is a free and open-source, security-oriented operating system for single-user desktop computing. Qubes OS leverages Xen-based virtualization to allow for the creation and management of isolated compartments called qubes. (GitHub) - - -
TAILS OS Tails is a portable operating system that protects your privacy and helps you avoid censorship. (GitLab) - - -
nix-bitcoin a collection of Nix packages and NixOS modules for easily installing full-featured Bitcoin nodes with an emphasis on security (GitHub) - - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Stashh Explore the world's first marketplace for NFTs with privacy by default and unlock their hidden data. (GitHub) - - -
Legendao The play-to-mint NFT platform, powered by Secret Network, that enables top artists, brands, and NFT creators to launch their NFT projects in a unique, gamified way. - - - -
Paras a blockchain-agnostic protocol that offers privacy to NFTs. Specifically, one may hide the real NFTs and only display a reference to them on marketplaces, hide seller and bidder identities, hide bid values and user wallet balances - - - -
NFT Fair The do-good NFT launch platform - - - -
The Anon Club worlds first privacy focused digital collectibles - - - -
geniish Confidential NFTs for exclusive experiences (Docs) - - -
certUP SecretNFT Certificates revolutionising official document distribution, verification and publication (GitHub) - - -
Actilist Secret NFT auctions (GitHub) - - -
Fade WTF Privacy for NFTs powered by Light Protocol - - - -
Polyhedra ZK-NFT Container a new NFT protocol that can contain other NFTs, realizing maximum interoperability - - - -
Bluum Enable confidentiality of NFT content (GitHub - - -
sudoswap private bids (GitHub - - -

Alliances & NGOs

alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Leading Privacy Alliance The purpose of the LPA of Web3 is to speak up for everyone working in the Web3 industry and make them aware of the need for privacy (by design). - - - -
Universal Privacy Alliance The Universal Privacy Alliance seeks to advance the understanding of privacy as the very basis of free and flourishing digital societies. - - - -
BPSAA The Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance educates the public on privacy, security and decentralization. - - - -
Private Finance Syndicate privacy-oriented investment fund - - - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
P0X labs the decentralized laboratory for building cutting-edge privacy technologies. - - - -
=nil; Foundation Foundation intends to create a tightly integrated set of technologies becoming a basis for secure data storages operating in insecure environments. - - - -
No Trust Verify Take place to the next generation of privacy infrastructure. - - - -
Privacy & Security explorations We explore new use cases for zero-knowledge proofs and other cryptographic primitives through research and proof-of-concepts. - - - -
01 Labs Catalyzing a new generation of applications powered by zero knowledge cryptography. - - - -
Personae Labs R&D lab investigating the future of human expression online (GitHub) - - -
Demox labs Building privacy preserving ZK infrastructure on Aleo. - - - -
Electric Coin. Co R&D advances accessibility, usability and scalability of Zcash, but the implications of our work have an even broader potential. - - - -
Hypermine smart tools and protocols for Identity, Privacy & Security, with our roots in Distributed Systems, Machine Learning & Cryptography. - - - -
Entropy1729 Zero Knowledge Shop - - - -
Trivium provides validator services to serveral networks, and develops privacy-preserving dApps (GitHub) - - -
RealRan RealRan comes from the global engineering and cryptography research team, expertise in cryptography protocol and distribution consensus engineering (GitHub) - - -
HashCloak an independent research lab focused on helping organizations and blockchain communities integrate a privacy-first approach into their processes. (GitHub) - - -
Discreet Labs build blockchain systems for a more private, self-sovereign future on Fidora - - - -
OSOMPrivacy From software to hardware OSOM Privacy gives you the tools that you need to make sure your data, your information is always private and protected. - - - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
nodl One a full Bitcoin and Lightning Network node. - - - -
nodl Dojo a collaboration between nodl and the Samourai Wallet team. The nodl Dojo is a full Bitcoin and Lightning Network node. - - - -
RaspiBlitz DIY Bitcoin & Lightning Node on a RaspberryPi - - - -
Start9 Sovereign computing for a free future (GitHub) - - -
myNode The easiest, most powerful way to run a Bitcoin and Lightning node (GitHub) - - -
NiceNode Launcher with a simple user experience to run an Ethereum node on your computer. - - - -
Stereum Graphical tool for installing Ethereum clients on a remote server via SSH connection with a simple setup guide, phone app for remote monitoring, control center and other features. - - - -
Monero PocketNode A Monero node for your Android Device. - - - -

Mixing services

alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
UniJoin We help you regain and maintain your anonymity by mixing your cryptos in a pool with other anonymity enthusiasts and receive untraceable coins using CoinJoin technology - - - -
TC TornadoCash is an open source, non-custodial, fully decentralized cryptocurrency tumbler that runs on Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible networks. - - - -
Coinomize Coinomize helps you protect your privacy and identity and mix your Bitcoins (CoinJoin) easily and cheaply without storing any logs from you. - - - -
Mix BTC bitcoin mixer. - - - -
0xTIP 0xTIP features mixing, private bridging from Ethereum to BNB chain as well as off-chain transfers. - - - -
Whirlpool Break the link your coins leave behind with built in CoinJoin available on any platform. (Docs) - - -
Cyclone Cyclone is a protocol that applies zkSNARKs to enable transactional privacy by breaking the on-chain link between depositor and recipient addresses (Docs) - - -
JoinMarket Decentralized bitcoin coinjoin for improving privacy and fungibility. - - - -
Void protocol Void protocol gives users control over financial anonymity, as an non custodial opt-in financial privacy service (Docs) - - -
CoinShuffle++ CoinShuffle++ (CSPP) is a mixing protocol used to create Decred CoinJoin transactions. - - - -
HideYour.cash is a private transactions protocol (mixer) designed for well-intended users on NEAR Protocol - - - -
Minado Zk Privacy Solution on Mina Protocol - - - -
Spillways Mixer enables fast, secure, and private transactions in crypto by obscuring the source and destination of funds. - - - -
HYPE Hype is the first Telegram-based bot that can be used to mix your ETH, clean your wallets and bridge anonymously. - live multichain anon
AnonZK Incognito a privacy tool known as a mixer, which we developed to utilise zk-SNARKs technology to increase anonymity. - - - -
CoinMix the first mixer of the market with its own liquidity - - - -
Tornado AI Leveraging AI to enhance crypto transaction security and anonymity - - - -
Mix to Earn Compliant Mixing Solution - - - -
Tumbler Compliant Mixing Solution - - - -

Data management

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Spoc A privacy system that enables DaaS and creates balance between business CRM and how individuals control & manage data. - - - -
NATIX Network patent-pending technology is the easiest way to make any camera smart and 100% privacy compliant. - - - -
Oasiis insights Personalized web3 journeys are finally here. - - - -


alt text

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Team
Privy Privy's simple, powerful APIs help you manage user data off-chain (GitHub) - - -
Conveyor Automata Conveyor is an anti-front-running service that ingests and outputs transactions in a determined order (MEV Minimization solution) (GitHub) - - -
Particl The only marketplace for private and unrestricted e-commerce. (GitHub) - - -
AcceptedHere directory for online and offline businesses accepting cryptocurrency - - - -
CryptWerk Cryptwerk is online directory with companies, websites, shops, services where you can pay with Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. - - - -
Bitcoin Bookmarks directory for premium crypto websites sorted by quality. Github - - -
Monerica directory for the Monero circular economy. Github - - -
Lightning Network Stores directory for stores that accept bitcoin through the lightning network. Github - - -
Spinner Private transactions for ICP and BTC. (GitHub) - - -
Incognito The privacy marketplace for crypto assets. (GitHub) - - -
EtherMail EtherMail allows fully anonymous and encrypted P2P communication and rewards its users for reading relevant content in their inbox live - - known
ex-Nucleo, now-Puzzle Private, auditable shared multisig to shield & send assets - - - -
Meson a mix network for cryptocurrency transactions. It breaks the link connecting your network-level information to your cryptocurrency transactions. (GitHub) - - -
Lava Lava pairs Providers with Applications for scalable, private and uncensored access to Web3. - - - -
rotki rotki is an open source portfolio tracker, accounting and analytics tool that protects your privacy. (GitHub) - - -
Kachina Foundations of Private Smart Contracts (predecessor to IOG's Midnight) - - - -
Beetroot BEETroot has created and put together the best cryptocurrency tools and dapps that enable anonymity and maintain self-custody whilst swapping across chains, bridging and ramping to and from fiat. - - - -
Ronin DOJO software stack Manage your bitcoin privacy and sovereignty with ease. (GitLab) - - -
Semaphore Protocol Using zero knowledge, Semaphore allows Ethereum users to prove their membership of a group and send signals such as votes or endorsements without revealing their original identity ZK (GitHub) live Ethereun anon
BTC Pay Self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor. It's secure, private, censorship-resistant and free (GitHub) - - -
Nostr A decentralized network based on cryptographic keypairs and that is not peer-to-peer, it is super simple and scalable and therefore has a chance of working. Github - - -
Zkitter ZK social protocol, anonymous social network - - -
Abakhus protocol A privacy-preserving protocol for Health and Life Sciences. (GutHub mainnet beta - anon
Minds Minds is an open source social network dedicated to Internet freedom. Speak freely, protect your privacy, earn crypto rewards and take back control of your social media. - - - -
Shadow A Private Account System On Mina. (GitHub) - - -
S𝛑PETs Universal covert privacy-enhanced transactions for ANY public blockchain that supports ECDSA or Schnorr based on two-party computation (2PC) combined with adaptor signatures and verifiable timed commitments (VTC). (GitHub) - - -
Media Network a privacy-first and community-governed CDN. (GitHub) - - -
Tezos sapling via airGap Sapling or shielded transactions allows you to perform privacy-preserving transactions of fungible tokens in a decentralized environment Github live multichain known
Datum Web3 Privacy-preserving Data Service. (GitHub) - - -
Rosetta a privacy-preserving framework based on TensorFlow - - - -
OpenTss MPC-based Key Management Protocol - - - -
ZK-Groups a comprehensive infrastructure to allow anyone to create and manage their own groups privately (GitHub) - - -
Crypt-Keeper a browser extension which enables Zero knowledge identity management and proof generation (GitHub) - - -
3num the first anonymous Web3 mobile number that protects your identity and provides private, secure messaging. (GitHub) - - -
Moby Pay privately. You hold the keys so we can't see your balance, let alone touch it. - - - -
AesirX SSO a 1st-party based Web2 + Web3 single sign on service for any JavaScript-based website or app. (GitHub) - - -
Better call Raul Advanced Security Measures to automatically and securely transfer your initial liquidity with no traceability. - - - anon
ZKTsunami ZK-AnonSNARK powered transactional anonymity at your fingertips - - - -
Handshake a Handshake DNS resolver and nameserver provider that aims to create an easy Handshake experience for everyone. No apps to install. No logs. No censorship. Just privacy. (GitHub) - - -
blyss Access data privately using homomorphic encryption. Privately scan for breached credentials, block malicious URLs, access blockchain data, and more. (GitHub) - - -
Self Web3 fraud prevention for everyone. (GitHub) - - -
DoxyChain Certificates and eSignatures on the blockchain. - - - -
Web3Shield a platform providing insurance, security and privacy focused products for all things Web3. - - - -
Black Box a sophisticated cryptocurrency transfer anonymiser. - - - -
GostPay A transaction layer that obfuscates the transaction data so it can be veiled on-chain, thereby applying privacy to the transaction. - - - -
Foundation Cash a revolutionary crypto mixer token that serves as a utility to reduce fees when using the mixer. - - - -
Ergo a next-generation smart contract platform that ensures the economic freedom of ordinary people through secure, accessible, and decentralized financial tools. (GitHub) - - -
Semantic SBTs Personalized Social Network with Privacy-Preserving Module - - - -
Daml Daml is the only smart-contract language and blockchain that allows sub-transaction privacy. (GitHub) - - -
CryptoChill a highly customizable cryptocurrency payment gateway and custodial wallets provider focused on security, privacy and scalability. - - - -
Redacted Money a trustless Zero Knowledge protocol that exists to bring you an easy to use way of securing your transactions from prying eyes. - - - -
Decentra Life An innovative social media platform built on the principles of decentralization, transparency, and user empowerment. Docs - - -
ZK-DEX we set your personal information private, you govern your own asset. - - - -
CakePay purchase gift cards and related products for use worldwide with XMR, BTC, LTC - Cake Pay cards are brand new from authorized sellers. Buy the exact amount you need for many providers. Github - - -
AnonCards buy SIM, ESIM and gift cards with XMR. - - - -
0x0 All-in-One Privacy Hub and AI Smart Contract Auditor. (Docs) - - -
Vocdoni We are the most open, secure, and universally verifiable voting protocol, used by hundreds of organizations worldwide. (GitHub) - - -
Mailchain Send and receive messages directly between wallets. (Docs) - - -
Ledgermail World's First Blockchain Email Service. (Docs) - - -
Humanode Humanode conducts private biometric verification of its validators to ensure that there is only one unique living human being behind each node. (Docs) - - -
FNS Your .fra username lets you send and receive assets on any chain or dApp while protecting your actual on-chain address. Its a simple way to manage assets and protect your privacy. (GitHub) - - -
MyDataCoin a blockchain-based platform that utilizes Cosmos SDK Tendermint technology to enable secure and transparent exchange of personal data between individuals and companies. (GitHub) - - -
flashbots-privacy Practical Experiments on how to add complete privacy to flashbots. (GitHub) - - -
ONEG8 builds privacy and data protected decentralized WEB 3.1. Social Media Ecosystem. - - - -
Aztec Network Aztec is a first-of-its-kind hybrid zkRollup supporting both public and private smart contract execution. Github - - -
Pre Search A decentralized Search Engine. (GitHub) - - -
TOME anonymous, uncensorable broadcast service that allows anyone to publish any string onto Ethereum (GitHub) - - -
Ritual The AI Coprocessor for blockchains (Docs) - - -
Swash Compute Build models on high-quality, zero-party data on site and in a privacy-preserving manner, contribute to a worldwide network of data scientists, and seamlessly innovate through ML. (Docs) - - -
Kin Search Engine Ad-free, Web3, Community-based search engine - - - -
Sarcophagus Decentralized, blockchain-enabled, cryptographically secure, general-purpose Digital Dead Man's Switch GitHub - - -
Hype the first Telegram-based bot that can be used to mix your ETH, clean your wallets and bridge anonymously - - - -
Lightstreams provides secure data sharing for web3 applications. (GitHub) - - -
Midnight empower regulation-friendly apps that safeguard sensitive commercial and personal data - - - -
Spectrum Marketplace a marketplace where everyone has the opportunity to contribute, transact, and interact without compromising on privacy or security. (Docs) - - -
Bubble enables blockchains to control and govern private off-chain data. (GitHub) - - -
OXygean Privacy First x 1-Minute Action Protocol - - - -
Data Ownership Protocol selective transparency on Ethereum - - - -
Devr protocol for governance of decentralized privacy networks - - - -
xBlock compliant solution for private transactions in Web3. Privately send, swap, bridge and receive payments with xBlocks trusted API (Docs) - - -
Clique Clique securely connects Web2 and Web3 user data with Identity and Attestation Oracles -- built with ZKP, TEE, and MP (GitHub) - - -
Equilibria Privacy oracle (GitHub) - - -
GenomesDAO money and anonymously power scientific and medical research - - - -
Night Finance A Stealth Address-Powered Private and Composable Account Layer for Ethereum - - - -

Podcasts & blogs

alt text

  • Seth for Privacy - My aim overall is to educate and learn more myself about where technology and privacy meet.
  • Freedom Tech - Enabling human freedom and flourishing through technology.
  • Surveillance Report - Weekly security and privacy news - Presented by Techlore & The New Oil.
  • Priv8 - Plug in every week with host Derek E. Silva as he joins leading experts to explore questions around privacy, technology, and freedom in the digital age.


alt text

  • ETH Brno - an annual independent & open community hackathon for supporters of decentralised finance, smart contracts and Web3 happening in Brno, Czech Republic 13 projects: (Devfolio)
Winner Description
Lunar aka Brume Wallet the first privacy native Ethereum wallet based on a built-in integration of TOR (GitHub) or (GitHub)
  • ETH Berlin - a hackathon, a cultural festival, an educational event, a platform for hacktivism, and a community initiative to push the decentralized ecosystem forward. 100 projects: (Devfolio)

  • ETHDam - Ethereum-focused privacy & DeFi hackathon. Projects

Winner Description
zikiLeaks Privacy-preserving posting, non-invasive content verification, & anonymous donations empower whistleblowers to fight for human rights globally. (GitHub)
  • Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis - the flagship event of Paralelní Polis, which since 2014 has been regularly attended by over 500 fans and IT experts from all over the world.
  • ETH #Privacy - ETH #Privacy is the hackathon around privacy, organized by the Leading Privacy Alliance of web3.

Network state

alt text

  • Logos - a grassroots movement to provide trust-minimized, corruption resistant governing services and social institutions to underserved citizens (GitHub)

Sunset projects archive

Project Description GitHub Product-readiness Ecosystem Other
Osiris Osiris is the world's first net-neutral browser. - sunset - -
okSign Create, Sign and Save eSignatures with smart contracts and permissioned NFTs. - sunset - -
Literully a decentralized voting platform that allows users to create and participate in voting on any topic, all without giving up their privacy or control over their data Docs sunset - -
Arcana's Private NFT new supported format by Arcana preserving privacy within NFT minting Docs sunset - -
Bidshop The first and only trustless marketplace with encrypted & secret bidding. Opening a new world of gamification and liquidity for NFT's. - sunset - -
Onion mixer Onion Mixer is the first decentralized protocol for anonymous cross-chain transactions. - sunset - -
Void cash Decentralized payment protocol. Docs sunset - -
StealthPay a stealth address protocol for Ethereum. GitHub sunset Ethereum -
Crypviser Secure Messenger The most private messaging app, based on Blockchain technology. - sunset - -
XATA A MEV Minimization solution to survive the Dark Forest Docs sunset Automata -
zk.money The private DeFi yield aggregator for Ethereum.ZK Github Docs sunset Ethereum -
Yellow Submarine the first and only multichain dApp to offer plug-and-play private DeFi (PriFi) across all EVM-compatible chains Medium sunset EVM compatible -
Sacred multi-chain DeFi Platform offers private Yield Bearing Deposits to DeFi users ZK GitHub sunset Ethereum, Polygon -
Sahara The first dedicated privacy protocol ecosystem that enables on-platform trade between volatile and stable assets - sunset Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche Vesting contract
DeFiner Permission-less and configurable decentralized lending protocol with privacy 100% protected ZK GitHub Docs sunset - Savings audits
CIA protocol Building the truest form of DeFi with privacy by default. Github sunset Ethereum -
CoinBook Decentralized Multi Chain P2P Order Book Github sunset multichain -
Highline an execution layer for Ethereum Docs sunset - -
Sismo Sismo is a modular protocol issuing ZK Badges for reputation portability and aggregation GitHub sunset EVM -
Anon virtual cards Visa Off-Ramp (VCC). Purchase virtual credit cards with your favourite cryptocurrencies, which can be freely spent online and in-store. - sunset - -
Namachain A Universal Key & ID manager, fully decentralized and with zero-knowledge offline authentication. GitHub sunset - -
Nocturne a protocol enabling usable on-chain privacy (GitBook - -
ZkPay Private Aztec withdrawal Bridge. - -
Zecrey Protocol zkRollup basedLayer 2 protocol featuring privacy and scalability (GitHub) sunset multichain announcement
Zecrey Wallet Zecrey is an all-in-one wallet that not only provides a multi-chain layer-1 wallet but also a private cross-chain layer-2 wallet (GitHub) sunset multichain announcement
Zoker The foremost ZK-based Wallet in Web3 (Docs) PoC multichain anon


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