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Web3Privacy Now Data Repository

List of variables used for Privacy Explorer ( Feel free to submit any suggestions or changes to this scheme.

You can create/edit projects by making changes in index.yaml file, which you can find in project folder inside /src/projects/ Upload project logo in root of project directory to be automatically included.


Project description

Field Type Required Description
id string x Unique project identifier
name string x Name of project
categories array x Categories are defined in explorer-data/schema/category.yaml
logos array Links to project logo (Note: Upload logos into root folder of project)
ecosystem array What is projects native networks? (ex. Ethereum, Arbitrum, Cosmos,...)
project_type string Main usecases of project (ex. ZK Pool mixer, Privacy transactions)
description string Short description of project features and mission
product_launch_day string Date of the project launch (YYYY-MM-DD)
token_link string url Link to the project token contract
tokens array Native tokens of project (ex. privUSDC, sETH,...)
assets_used array Digital assets that you can use in project/protocol (ex. BTC, ETH, USDC,...)
fee string Cost of usage (ex. 0.15%, $5, None)
team anonymous boolean Is project developed by anonymous team? (Yes/No)
team teammembers name string Member's name
team teammembers role string Member's role
team teammembers link string url Member's social link
funding name string Name of the investor
funding type string Type of investment (Seed, Round1, Angel investment,...)
funding link string url Link for more information about the investment
funding value string Value of the investment ($1,500,000)
funding time string Date of the investment (YYYY-MM-DD)
history title string Title of events/news related to the project
history event_type string Type of event (e.g., Product release, Hack, Launch)
history description string Description of the event
history time string Time of the event (YYYY-MM-DD)
history link string url Link to more information about the event
sunset boolean Project is not active, is not recommended for use, no development

Project Links

Field Type Required Description
links web string url Official project website
links github string url Link to the project GitHub repository
links block_explorer string url Project or Network Block Explorer
links docs string url Link to project documentation
links forum string url Link to project forum (ex. Discourse)
links whitepaper string url Link to the project whitepaper
links changelog string url Link to changelog
links snapshot string url Link to Snapshot
links blog string url Project Blog (ex. Medium)
links twitter string url Project Twitter profile
links discord string url Project Discord server
links facebook string url Project Facebook page
links telegram string url Project Telegram
links lens string url Project Lens profile
links farcaster string url Project Farcaster profile
links rss_feed string url Link to a information stream related to the project
links education string url Links to useful education content about project


Field Type Required Description
technology type string Technology that runs underhood (ex. ZK, ZK-Snarks, PLONK, Monero, Ellipcic curves,...)
technology features array Key aspects of the privacy tech used (ex. Private wallet, P2P Swap, Fluid compliance, ZK Defi, Private bridge,...)
blockchain_features encryption string Encryption used (ex. Cryptonight, Groth16, ECDH,...)
blockchain_features opensource boolean Is project opensourced? (Yes/No)
project_status live_status boolean Is the project currently working? (Yes/No)
project_status version string Name of the latest version (Ex. Arbitrum Nitro, V2.12, Prototest10,...)
project_status testnet boolean Does the project have a running testnet? (Yes/No)
project_status mainnet boolean Is the mainnet running? (Yes/No)
client_diversability name string Name of the clients using project (ex. Wallet name, Bridge name, Project name,...)
client_diversability link string url Link to the client's website


Field Type Required Description
licenses string Licenses used (ex. MIT License, GGML,...)
privacy_policy defined boolean Is there a document defining privacy policies? (Yes/No)
privacy_policy link string url Link to the privacy policy document
privacy_policy data_usage string How is the project using your data? (ex. Selling data, Analytics., Not using,...)
traceability tracked_data string What data is the project tracking (ex. Address, Name, Phone, IP,...)
default_privacy boolean Is privacy applied by default or must it be turned on? (Yes/No)
compliance string Does the project comply with any official blacklists? (ex. OFAC, Hacker_wallet_list, USA,...)
storage decentralized boolean Is any part of used data stored on decetralized networks? (Yes/No)
traceability kyc boolean Is KYC required for product usage? (Yes/No)
traceability sign_in_type_requirments string What Sign-in information is required to use the project? (ex. Wallet, Email, Gitcoin Pass,...)
blockchain_features identity_integration string What Identity integration project use? (ex. Gitcoin Pass, Proof of Humanity, Degenscore,...)
blockchain_features p2p boolean Is the project Peer to Peer-based or enabling such a feature? (Yes/No)
blockchain_features data_masking string What type of anonymity mechanism is used? (Mixer, ZK Pool,...)
blockchain_features viewing_key boolean Is there a viewing key that can decode your transactions? (Yes/No)
blockchain_features dissapearing_tx boolean Is there any trace of your transaction on-chain / online? (Yes/No)
blockchain_features connected_tx boolean Is is possible to identify other transactions when is your address revealed? (Yes/No)
blockchain_features frontend_anonymity string Are you able to use project with TOR / VPN or other anonymity tools? (TOR address, Geo restricted, VPN banned,...)


Field Type Required Description
third_party_dependency string What third-party technological dependencies project have? (ex. Uniswap hack, USDC stability,...)
social_trust string Is there any social dependency (ex. Governance, Board multisig, CEO have 50% tokens,...)
technical_spof string Is there any technical single point of failure? (ex. Pool hack, Bridge malfunction, Viewing key leak,...)
blockchain_features asset_custody_type string Are users assets in any custody, by who? Or is it fully non-custodial? (ex. DAO Multisig, Non-custodial, Centralized bridge,...)
blockchain_features upgradability enabled boolean Is the project upgradable or immutable? (Yes/No)
blockchain_features upgradability type string Upgradability type (ex. DAO Governance, Admin keys, Random Consensus,...)
blockchain_features upgradability admin_keys string Upgradability condition definition (ex. Multisign of 5, 80% consensus,...)
audits name string Name of the project audit (ex. Certik SmartContract check,...)
audits company string Company that processed the project audit (ex. Certik, Blocksec,...)
audits logo string url Logo of the audit company
audits link string url Official link to the audit company website
audits time string Date of the audit (YYYY-MM-DD)


Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL)