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Web3Privacy Now Legal Entity

This is a document used as a draft to prepare a legal entity for the Web3Privacy Now initiative.

  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization (NGO)
  • Jurisdiction: 🇨🇿 Czech Republic, European Union
  • Legal form: Association ("spolek" in Czech) - defined in Czech Civic Law (89/2012 Sb. § 214 - § 302)

The importance of this organisation in terms of the whole Web3Privacy Now initiative:

  • legal representation of all our activities
  • receiving of donations
  • collection of membership fees
  • redistribution of money
  • communication with suppliers such as venues etc.

The non-profit nature of the Association is protected directly by law:

§ 217

(1) The main activity of an association may only be the satisfaction and protection of those interests for the fulfilment of which the association is established. Business or other gainful activity cannot be the main activity of the association.

(2) In addition to its main activity, an association may also engage in an ancillary economic activity consisting in business or other gainful activity if its purpose is to support the main activity or to make economic use of the association's property.

(3) Profits from the activities of the association may only be used for the association's activities, including the administration of the association.


The proposed name is "Web3Privacy Now, z.s.".

"z.s." means "zapsaný spolek" ("registered association") in Czech and having it in the name is a legal necessity.

Registered office address

Czech law requires having a physical address, in case of delivery of letters and other contact. We will solve this by setting up a virtual office in Prague.

Proposed providers:

  • Ofigo.cz - 199 CZK/month (~8 EUR/month)

Purpose of the association (mission)

The main purpose (mission) of the association is to spread awareness about privacy in Web3 ecosystem and to connect people with similar interests.

The association will fulfil its mission mainly by carrying out its main activity, which is

  • conducts a research of the privacy in the Web3 ecosysxtem and tries to develop self-regulatory principles, in the form of codexes, etc.
  • publishing and disseminating educational and research materials through technologies that allow remote access
  • organising community meetings, conferences and other events
  • establish contacts, cooperate and exchange experiences with others institutions and other entities interested in privacy
  • popularises and promotes the protection of privacy and the activities of the association

Governance bodies

  1. Supreme body ("congress") - membership meeting, minimally 1x per a year - members with a vote can approve and amend the statutes, change the composition of the statutory body, decide on the dissolution of the association or its transformation
  2. Statutary body ("committee") - Composed at the beginning of 2 people (Tree and Mykola) - voted by supreme body, elected for 5 years (czech standard), take care of the daily activities of the association, approve applications, determine the amount of membership fees, convene congress of members, etc.

Membership types

  1. Regular member - full member, attends meetings and can vote. Such members would be approved by the statutory body, so we would be sure that they are not outright enemies who want to harm us
  2. Associate member ("subscriber") - members who will have benefits but no voting rights. These are defacto "Patreon" members, or mostly consumers. These members can be fully anonymous and practically we don't need to approve them. This membership will be the main one we will present on the site for purchase
  3. Company associate member ("company subscriber") - more expensive membership for companies or other associations, they don't have voting rights, they can have 100% discount on regular/subscriber membership for 3 people from their organization

Membership list

The full list of members is confidental and non-public, available only to the statutory body. The list shall be kept in electronic encrypted form.

Members have the option to explicitly declare their membership as public - these members will be published on our website and in other documents.

Membership fees

  • Individuals (regular/subscriber members) - 100 EUR/year
  • Companies - 1000 EUR/year

Another specifications

Commitee services

  • "Datová schránka" account (Data box) - electronic form of communication with authorities in the Czech Republic (more info)
  • Bank account - (transparent?) EUR/CZK account, payment cards for expenses (Fio Banka)
  • Crypto-exchange account - an account with a Czech cryptocurrency exchange for transfering cryptocurrency donations (Anycoin)

Association operating costs

Basic annual costs:

Item Price CZK Price EUR
accounting and annual closing calculation (taxes etc.) 10 000 CZK ~402 EUR
rental of registered address 2400 CZK ~97 EUR
bank accounts, datová schránka etc. 0 CZK 0 EUR
total 12400 CZK 499 EUR