W3PN community pop-up space for hackathons and other events
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W3PN ↴ Privacy Corner

A community pop-up space as a safe autonomous zone dedicated to privacy and cypherpunk, suitable for complementing hackathons and other events. Privacy Corner is hosted and curated by Web3Privacy Now initiative.

The concept is based on creating an open, inclusive place for meeting and discussion, like the ancient Greek Agora, where anyone can come and raise any question or topic, or join the discussions. Through our Campfire sessions anyone can open discussions in a smaller circle (typically 15-20 people) on many topics that are not suitable for traditional "formal" talks, workshops or panel discussions. It is a very similar concept to the Self-organized Sessions you know from CCC.

As a service to hackers, there will be a Privacy Design Clinic where they can get basic advices on how to design their project to be more privacy-preserving and connect with available experts.

The whole concept will be complemented by Art Installations and Privacy Bookshelf related to cypherpunk or a showcase of interesting HW devices.


  • autonomous - limited control of the main organisers
  • community-based - everyone can propose a campfire
  • no bullshit, marketing free
  • no photos, filming or recording!


Campfire Stage

Campfire session is one of those formats that perfectly describes what it does and what it looks like. Much like people sitting around a campfire listening to someone tell a story, a campfire session is an informal way of presenting and discussing topics with meeting attendees ("What Is a Campfire Setup & When Should You Use It? ").

Everyone is able to propose their own campfire session. The specific form of a campfire session is very flexible and depends on the proposer. Typical length of one campfire session is 30 - 60 minutes. Campfire will not be recorded - any recording or photos are prohibited!

W3PN will run open submissions and they will curate the entire schedule to keep the content on topic and as non-commercial and community-based as possible.

Examples of campfire session

  • open discussion around a specific topic
  • an interview with a well-known/interesting person
  • introducing an open privacy tool or protocol
  • networking session for privacy-curious people
  • HW showcase - BananaPhone, GrapheneOS etc. :)
  • author's reading from the book
  • musical or visual performance

Example campfire session

Campfire example


  • microphone, speaker, projector/TV with HDMI input
  • classic chairs (~15-20) + square seat (>10) + relaxed seating around (fatboys?)

(microphone will be needed only for a small part of campfires, when more people are gathered or for various performances)

Privacy Design Clinic

The main idea is to bring together all the privacy experts and mentors available at the hackathon to create a "Privacy Design Clinic" as a platform where hackers and teams can easily connect with these people.

A physical booth in the Privacy Corner will serve as a point of contact. Our goal is to keep the location open as long as possible during the hackathon and to have at least 1-2 people on site at all times who are able to give advice or direction.

Art Installations

Within the space we offer the opportunity for various artists to exhibit interesting art installations related to privacy or cypherpunk themes.

If you are an artist and would like to show your work at Privacy Corner, please contact us 🙏.

HW Showcase

📱 A unique opportunity to experience innovative technological gadgets first-hand.

Presentation of various interesting devices including privacy-preserving tools.

Device Description
Bleskomat* DIY Bitcoin ATM
Keycard Pro* preview of upcoming HW wallet from Status
ZK Hardware Accelerator(s)*

* not confirmed

Privacy Bookshelf

📚 Take a break from hacking for a few minutes and dive into some of the gems in our library.

A small physical library with various books and magazines related to privacy, cypherpunk, crypto-anarchy, FOSS movement, Ethereum and similar topics.

For example:

Type Item name Author Year
Book Absolute Essentials of Ethereum Paul Dylan-Ennis 2024
Book Read Write Own Chris Dixon 2024
Book The Genesis Book Aaron van Wirdum 2024
Book Extreme Privacy Michael Bazzell 2022
Book Cypherpunk Ethics Patrick D. Anderson 2022
Book Proof of Stake Vitalik Buterin 2022
Book Greenpilled Kevin Owocki 2022
Book Future History of the Open Internet Gitcoin 2022
Book The Infinite Machine Camilla Russo 2020
Book Reinventing Organizations Frederic Laloux 2014
Book The Code Book Simon Singh 2000

Size and placement

The size of the Privacy Corner depends on the specific conditions and event, but the base (campfire stage, desk) should be an area of about 50m2, with additional space for standing around. Art installations may require extra space.

The preferred placement is inside some larger open space where the flow of people is guaranteed.

For organisers of the main event

Although the "campfire" format looks very similar to classic formal talks or workshops, we assure you that it is a completely different format with different goals and dynamics. The aim is certainly not to compete with the main program, but rather to fill a gap and add a new dimension to the possibility of active participation of visitors.

In coordination with your program team, we can tailor campfire sessions that are directly linked to the main program to create a cohesive experience. For example, a follow-up campfire discussion to a talk.

We have previous experience with organizing campfire on a large scale at one Czech conference (UTXO.22) and people loved this unconventional format. We believe this format is even more suitable for hackathons.

Upcoming events